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I’m a Wedding Writer!

I’ve been living up to my multi-hyphenate hype more then ever lately. Over the past year, I’ve written several pieces for the gorgeous glossy Weddings In Houston Magazine. It’s no secret that weddings are a boom industry, and few places more so than Houston. I’ve had the opportunity to write several fashion profiles and a … Continue reading

National Debt Fun Quiz Time!

A series of four quick, fun quizzes to take your mind of our country’s crippling financial debt! Answers are uʍop ǝpısdn to prevent cheating! QUIZ #1: USA TRIVIA Sure, we’re deeply in debt and risk a nation-wide financial default. But we’re interesting! Distract yourself from our national dilemma by answering these questions: QUESTIONS: 1. Who … Continue reading

New Video: “The Phone”

Don’t worry, I didn’t direct this one. Fellow Killing My Lobster-ites Chris Parisi & Damon Brennen asked me to play “a surly scientist” in this video, and as they make killer vids, I rushed to accept. Written & shot for the latest KML show, Killing My Lobster Reboots, here’s “The Phone”: It’s been up for … Continue reading

The Lonely Venus Guide

My latest video is a collab with some great folks: Killing My Lobster writing compatriot Annie O’Rourke, actress Lauren Burns, and Adult Swim & Funny or Die staple Brian Burgoyne behind the camera. Produced by the effervescent Natacha Ruck, natch. A parody of dating advice videos, it’s also the perfect way to ring in the … Continue reading

Want Magazine in Communication Arts

Thanks to the fine, discerning folks at Communication Arts for making Want Magazine their Web Pick of the Week! It’s always a pleasure to see a project you’ve put your heart and soul into get props. Although sometimes I wonder what anyone who Googles me must be thinking: “Waitaminute…the guy getting press for interviewing UX … Continue reading

A Day Job and a Dream

This latest KML video has a special place in my heart–and not just because I co-wrote and co-produced it. It’s because I’ve spent the better part of my career juggling vocation and avocation. When I was an editor, I would write prose and comics scripts on nights, weekends, and, one very lonely Key West holiday. … Continue reading

“Feed the Lobster” in the SF Egotist

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my comedy-rock-band days, it’s to be grateful for any press, good or bad. So I feel extremely fortunate that two of my KML videos received positive pixels within a day of each other! The SF Egotist, my favorite resource for local Advertising industry news, just big-upped our Feed … Continue reading

“Coffee Wars” in the Bay Citizen

From my flu-sick-bed, I sat–okay, laid down–for an interview with Thalia Gigerenzer of The Bay Citizen, a very cool and objective BA news source. She wanted to know about The Coffee Wars and how much it holds a mirror up to SF coffee culture. I was not at the top of my game, but my … Continue reading

Feed The Lobster.

Folks, my latest video for Killing My Lobster is up and I’m proud as hell of it. It’s an ad for, what else, KML. They’re a non-profit, after all, and they provide a valuable service for the Bay Area and beyond: make people laugh. If you’re down to donate a couple of bucks, please do. … Continue reading

“Coffee Wars” boils over!

I’ve spent a sizable chunk of my spare time this past year writing and teaching for Killing My Lobster, the Second City of San Francisco. And while I feel like I spent the first few months making my bones, earning the respect of my talented co-writers and our equally gifted actors and directors, I like … Continue reading


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