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India Day 1: Good God, We’re Here

Delhi, that is. As in India. Mercy.

HELL of a trip to get here…hell, it took us a day-and-a-half just to get to LAX. We had about a day and a half to finish getting the house ready, didn’t leave ’til rush hour, spent the night in a Days Inn where the I-5 and Highway 41 meet, and got in to LA a hearty 9 hours before we were due at the airport. We had a wierd and utterly scrumptious lunch with my Dad at a Oxacan restaurant he found in WLA/Venice…best freakin’ mole north of the border.

Then it was errand frenzy for, you know, four hours, packing, re-packing, going to Longs Drugs and asking the Pharmacist’s assistant’s assistant which over the counter eye lube works better (instead of asking her why so few answers, so much attitude, so little bathing, and what was up with that colony of moles on her cheek?)

Then a lightning-fast dinner in Santa Monica. And Ila & Mort shlepping us to the airport three hours early so we could hurry up and wait. Then me embarassing Natacha by insiting on finishing up my yoga routine by the departure gate.

The plane trip–all two legs and 22 ours of it–were fairly uneventful. Except for my popping an Ambien and waking up 6 hours later in the next seat over. Turns out the little filippino lady sitting between me & natacha had to pee and couldn’t get past me. At least that’s what I was told.

Caught like 4 movies on the flight(s): Juno (made me cry), Beowolf (hair-raising yet strangely literary thrill ride), and August Rush which, as I told Natacha after viewing it, was “more like Nauseous Gush.” Total cavity-inducing suckfest, but Natacha fell asleep on my shoulder ten minutes in and one thing I’ve learned about being a husband is sometimes it’s more important to just be a pillow.

Also some fun little Tawainese TV shows, which I took some phone snaps of and will upload later. Nutty!

Then there was Delhi–meeting frenchies, dodging tuk-tuks, eating fantastic food, disparaging touts, and just soaking up being in India–but I’ve blown so much time

uploading my photos and writing this post so far that I need to go to bed.

Here’s a few photies to keep all three of you reading this. Check the Flickr site for captions that tell more of a story.

Stop! In the name of God Night Bazar, Backpacker's Ghetto, Delhi Race ya! Night Bazar, Backpacker's Ghetto, Delhi

We get up in like five hours to go on a twelve-day trip to Rajastan. Can’t wait.


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